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Live Workshops


D.I.S.C. Communication Styles 

A fun and eye-opening workshop that's guaranteed to draw your team together as you discover why you work, communicate, and live the way you do.

You Will Learn

  • The importance of self-awareness
  • The dominant communication style of each team member
  • The 4 basic communication styles
    • D – Dominance
    • I – Influence
    • S - Steadiness
    • C – Conscientiousness
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each communication style
  • How to relate to other communication styles
  • Best ways to motivate, praise and give feedback to each communication style

Expected Outcome

  • Improved teamwork
    • Team members will understand what is important to others when communicating.
  • Reduced stress on the job
    • Team members will feel the freedom to be themselves and communicate when the job or others are creating stress.
  • Increased job satisfaction
    • Team members will understand why they like or dislike parts of their role. They will know how to talk about it and understand why they may feel that way.
  • Deepened self-awareness
    • Team members will adjust to other communication styles and create better team work.


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