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D.I.S.C. Communication Styles 

A workshop that uses individualized DiSC assessments to measure the tendencies and priorities of your team. Work relationships improve as your team begins to understand themselves, the behaviors of others, and how to apply the DiSC model to everyday work situations.


Team Members Will Discover


  • Their personal DiSC communication style
  • Their workplace motivators and stressors
  • How to relate to other DiSC communication styles
  • How to increase workplace effectiveness
  • The value of self-awareness
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each DiSC communication style
  • How to motivate, praise, and give feedback to each DiSC communication style

The DiSC Communication Styles Workshop Includes

  • Strategy and goal-setting planning session prior to the workshop
  • A pre-workshop introductory experience for your team
  • Online DiSC assessment for each team member
  • A 20-page DiSC assessment report for each team member
  • A team DiSC analysis
  • A workshop facilitated by a certified DiSC instructor
  • Workshop materials organized in an individualized binder
  • Engaging video and visual illustrations
  • Post implementation meeting
  • My Everything DiSC app


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