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Prioritizing Culture: Generate Buy-In and Commitment

Does it feel like your team doesn't believe in your company values or shows little commitment to the team or company? This workshop generates excitement around:

  • personal values
  • company values
  • working toward a common goal
  • trusting each other to contribute
  • working together to increase productivity
  • transformed relationships 

You Will:

  • discover common personal values
  • establish, enhance, or embrace company values
  • weigh in and learn to trust each other
  • transform relationships in the workplace

Expected Outcome

  • clarity of company values
    • Team members will discover how personal and company values provide a foundation for a cohesive team
  • increased passion for transparency
    • Team members will find it easier and more rewarding to be transparent. They will fight to protect their culture.
  • commitment to values
    • Team members will begin to feel the good chemistry and want to protect it.
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