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Values in Action: Bring Your Core Values to Life 

This interactive workshop takes your company values and incorporates them into the bloodstream of your culture. 

You will:

  • Absorb your values into the culture of your workplace
  • Catch people in the act of living out company values
  • Role play, discover, and discuss an action plan to create a culture that everyone embraces
  • Develop tools and systems for positive feedback 

You Will Learn

How to identify:
  • the desired outcomes and successes of your organization
  • what a “daily win” would look like for each of the departments
  • what an “above and beyond win” would look like within the company
  • what a “customer service win” would look like within the company

How to Create:

  • ways to capture, recognize, and publish the “wins”
  • a desire among team members to have a culture of positive feedback


Expected Outcome

  • Energy around winning within the organization
    • Positive feedback is contagious and creates a culture of winning.
  • Creativity in serving your customers
    • Acknowledgment of a “Customer Service Win” will empower everyone to find new ways to better serve customers.
  • Awareness of the positive actions of others
    • This awareness creates a pride about the mission of the organization and a feeling of belonging to something bigger than their role.
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