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What People Say

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  • We’d like to thank Steve Miller for his leadership and facilitation at our staff retreat this week with United Way! In a fun, practical way we learned the importance of four unique communication styles (DISC assessment) and how to best interact with others. Highly recommend Steve for your own organization retreat!
    Tatjana Bicanin


    Executive Director Building our Future, Kenosha WI

  • Steve came to train my leadership team on "Why Goals Fail & Visions Succeed". Steve then taught us how to craft our goals so they include an element of vision which makes accomplishing the goal so much more motivating. Steve was clear, relevant, and the material was extremely practical. We are writing our Corporate Initiatives to include an element of vision. I highly recommend Steve, his training, and consulting.


    CEO Advenir Living

  • "The staff has a better understanding and respect for our differences. They are learning to communicate in ways that drive results."


  • "The event was fantastic! My team had a blast and can't stop talking about it. It gave them a deep appreciation for everyone and why they should make an effort to do better work together."


  • "I have seen a new energy emerge and more solid relationships within our office."


  • If a chain is as strong as its weakest link, the Liberty House team is now a STRONG chain. By staying focused on our mission, we are able to grow and prosper despite challenges that arise. In tough situations, we adapt and openly communicate, not allowing difficulties to impede the underlying reason we are here. We place the success of the team over our individual desires, and company goals are placed above our own, making Liberty House a great place to work and live!


    Frontida Assisted Living

  • Great workshop! Very interactive and amazing!


    Live To Serve LLC

  • Best workshop I've ever had. I'm applying what I learned every day.



  • The workshop more-than-met my expectations. It's refreshing to learn from people who care enough to create a good work environment for their employees.


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Who We Are

About Us

So you want a work environment where everyone works with the purpose of “one team, one score,” where the people on your team trust one another, and where internal conflict is low and productivity is high? Who doesn’t want that?

 Entrepreneurs Crystal and Steve Miller, a husband and wife team, want your team to win together.  They have had success in building teams in assisted living for the last 10 years and, as a result, their teams have shown their appreciation for the environment they’ve created together by awarding the company with Top Workplace awards for 4 years in a row.

 As a professional speaker, Steve has traveled the country sharing their team-building strategy with rave reviews.   Crystal has earned awards for her intentional leadership, including the Kenosha Area Business Alliance Entrepreneur of the Year. She is a frequent speaker and a leader in her community.

If you would like to talk to Crystal or Steve about a keynote speech for your event you can learn more here. 

 If you’re ready to have harmony in your workplace, we’ll show you how to make it happen.  


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Your organization will be more effective when everyone works as a team rather than having individual superstars. Equip and inspire your team to fight for harmony in the workplace with our interactive workshops. 

Teamwork is more powerful  than talent. 


Productivity is multiplied when each member of the team knows that the team's success is more important than their own success. At HarmonyWorks we believe in One-Team-One-Score. Teamwork reduces drama and frees your leadership to encourage, care, and lead. 

Teamwork Accelerates Progress 


Teamwork encourages creativity, increases job satisfaction, and reduces turnover.  The best ideas are produced when no one is vying for the credit.  Team-centered productivity goes right to the bottom line to produce more profit for your business. 

Teamwork is Profitable


Live Workshops



Communication Styles

A workshop that uses individualized DiSC assessments to measure the tendencies and priorities of your team. Work relationships improve as your team begins to understand themselves, the behaviors of others, and how to apply the DiSC model to everyday work situations.


Team Members Will Discover


  • Their personal DiSC communication style
  • Their workplace motivators and stressors
  • How to relate to other DiSC communication styles
  • How to increase workplace effectiveness
  • The value of self-awareness
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each DiSC communication style
  • How to motivate, praise, and give feedback to each DiSC communication style


Click here for a sample DiSC Profile Report

cohesive teams

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Cohesive Teams 

Based on the best-selling book by Patrick Lencioni The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this series of 3 workshops utilizes a personal assessment to measure how your team and the individuals in it score across categories of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.      


Team Members Will Discover

  • How their team scores compare to other organizations
     across the country as it relates to the 5 Behaviors
  • Their team’s strengths and weaknesses in each of the 5
  • How to use vulnerability to create trust
  • The strategy behind healthy conflict
  • The impact of high-level commitment to their company and
    to each other
  • That personal responsibility strengthens a team
  • That collective results are more important than
      individual goals
  • The assessment builds on their DiSC profile to reveal strengths
    and weaknesses in relation to the 5 Behaviors

Click here for a sample 5 Behaviors Profile Report

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